Coldplay - Only Superstition (Video y Letra)

The cardboard head i see
has found its way to me
its out and its out and its out
making me cry
i sleep but i will not move
im too scared to leave my room
but i wont be defeated, oh no
what if cars dont go my way
and its sure to spoil my day?
but in voices loud and clear you say to me;
"its only superstition
its only your imagination
its only all the things that you fear
and the things from which you cant escape"
Keep clean for the thousandth time
stand still and wait in line
some numbers are better than others
oh no
And its making me cry, and its making me cry
and im slipping away, im slipping away
Its only superstition, only your imagination
and its only superstition, only superstition.

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